5 KPIs That Enhance Contract Performance

Prevent Ineffective CLMs from Eroding Your Business

If your contracts or vendor relationships aren't a top priority, it poses a serious threat to your organization's success.

Suboptimal contract terms and conditions, coupled with inefficient contract management, can cause up to a 9% loss in annual revenue. With more companies relying on suppliers than ever before, procurement professionals play a key role in keeping supplier agreements lucrative, efficient, and ethical. Yet most Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tools are designed for legal teams, not the “buy-side” of the business. 

In the current landscape of complex supply chains and ever-evolving vendor partnerships, how can you make sure your CLM is as effective as possible? 

This eBook explores five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you identify the ways in which your current CLM does — or doesn’t — measure up, and introduces a powerful new contract management solution: Terzo. 

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